THE TRIP part 2

Indianapolis - Nearly 1,600 streams and lakes in Indiana are unsafe to fish or swim in because of pollution ranging from animal waste to chemicals, a state report concludes. The report classifies 30 percent as too polluted for swimming, fishing or both because of pollutants such as bacteria, fertilizer, chemicals, mercury and sediment. "Standing in

Story 3, March 12th, 2006

WHEN THE FISH ARE ALL GONE AND THE WATER IS ALL POISONED, CAN WE EAT THE MONEY ????? THE TRIP part 1 Middle of July 2005. Arizona. Hotter than Hell. Just got home from the road. We only toured for June and half of July. While on tour the word was out that this was

Story 2, April 27, 1999

Forty years later. Mid 1980's. The Stillaguamish River in Northwest Washington State. Not a cane pole, but a 4 oz. 10 ft. fly rod that cost $400- to $500-, fly reel at $200-, fly line at $60-, wading shoes $90- and waders $180- and etc. Enough flies, that if I dropped them all in the